• Marebu (Ed 4/30)
  • Marebu (Ed 4/30)
  • Marebu (Ed 4/30)
  • Marebu (Ed 4/30)

Gwenyth Mangiru

Marebu (Ed 4/30)

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    • Lithograph on paper
    • Dimensions: 56x38cm
    • Cat No. 1135-23-4/30

Gwenyth Mangiru is a highly skilled weaver who creates intricate and beautiful pieces that showcase the rich cultural heritage of their community. With a deep appreciation for the traditional techniques and materials of weaving. Gwenyth Mangiru is the daughter of Margaret Balmana and Moses Mangiru.

Injalak Arts has been a centre for art, craft and community since it’s opening in 1989. The centre are based in Gunbalanya, an Aboriginal community of 1200 in West Arnhem Land at the top of the Northern Territory in Australia. In Kunwinjku, the language of our artists, Injalak means shelter. The team pride themselves on creating a safe place for culture, creativity and knowledge to bloom within the community. With over 200 active members – artists, weavers and craftspeople from Gunbalanya and surrounding homelands, Injalak's year-round production of art is inspired by connection to culture, country and people.

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