In collaboration with Ngukurr Arts, we're excited to present Kalawan bakmob en bafaloumob (bright barks and buffalo) a collection of distinctive new works by artist Luke Djalgarrarra. Experimenting with metallic and fluorescent paints, Luke has developed a new way of working, hand-painting buffalo skulls, barks and carved sculptures under black light.

By day the works pop off the wall, building on the strong tradition of vibrant colour works from Ngukurr Arts artists. By night and under UV light the works take a psychedelic spin into an entirely different form and personality. Old stories, new ways. 

“We’re always using the bright colours [here at Ngukurr], this one is a bit different. The stories come from my knowledge, my Dad started to teach me and I’ve got it in my head. I saw my Dad doing the skulls, so I said I would do the skulls.” ~ Luke Djalgarrarra

These works have been created and reworked specifically for Laundry Gallery and we're proud to present them for Luke’s first ever solo exhibition. If you're in Darwin, drive by the gallery at night to see his works glow and shape-shift. 

OPENING SATURDAY 22 June 12PPM - showing until 20 July, 2024 



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