EXHIBITION // Ngirriwalbumana Malnguj (We Paint What We See)

“All the things from Numbulwar. Like, different types of baskets and dillybags, mats, and the pandanus tree where we get the weaving string from. All of the dogs in community. The birds in the water, stingray and big mob fish and turtle. Some things close to me and all of the trees in the distance” – Joy Wilfred

Numbulwar Numburindi Arts and Laundry Gallery are pleased to present the first exhibition of painting on found scrap metal from Numbulwar. Reflecting the Numbulwar art centre’s ethos of working with materials from Country, the ever innovative artists of Numbulwar present intriguing shapes, painted in a range of styles that showcase their incredible diversity of creative expression.

Numbulwar artists have a history of working with found materials, as evidenced by their use of ghost nets, wool, copper wire and other fibres used in weaving. This ties into the ethos of caring for Country, and the longstanding tradition of utilising resources that are present in the landscape.

Photo credit: Ellie Hanon



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