EXHIBITIONS / Bawaliba Homeland by Lucy Yarawanga

Laundry Gallery is proud to present Lucy Yarawanga's first solo show in February 2023.

Bulanjdjan Lucy Yarawanga has been exhibiting in group shows with Babbarra Women’s Centre and Maningrida Arts & Culture over recent years. Bawaliba Homeland will be Lucy's first solo exhibition showcasing a large body of works on paper depicting the lives of Bawaliba at their homeland near Djinkarr, Central Arnhem Land.

“I have painted the Bawaliba homeland. For people who don’t know Bawaliba, they are sometimes cheeky sometimes good spirits that live near Guyun and Djinkarr. Their homeland is next to my country Narnak.

Bawaliba used to live in caves in the wet season, but in the dry season they lived in paper bark huts, just like our old people.  I’m telling lots of different stories in this painting. I’ve painted Bawaliba going about their daily lives, just like that.”

COMING SOON: This exhibition will open on 11 February 2023. 

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