Tea Towels

During the early burn of Yekke (cold) season, Kalidjan Janet Marawarr, Ngarridjdjan Raylene Bonson, Kamanj Carol Liyawanga Campion and Bulanjdjan Lucy Yarawanga, camped out on top of the Djinkarr escarpment for a week of artistic exploration.

Facilitated by Ingrid Johanson, there was no expectation, no outcome or no theme for the trip. Instead it was a chance have uninterrupted time on country, exploring different mediums and developing new artistic skills. 

Over the days, the women gravitated towards depicting Werrkno, the Kuninjku work for skin/scales/bark/husks, with each woman depicting Werrkno from her own cultural perspectives.

Four works from the Werrkno: In this skin series, one from each artist, have been reproduced as tea towels in collaboration with Laundry Gallery. 

Read more about the Werrkno: In This Skin - Senior Women of Maningrida Arts & Culture exhibition (PDF). 



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