• 32. Spear Head
  • 32. Spear Head
  • 32. Spear Head

Elvis Bara /Stephanie Durilla

32. Spear Head

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Elvis, in collaboration with his partner, artist Stephanie Durilla, has pioneered a new, unique artform. Utilising a manganese base, reminiscent of traditional Groote Eylandt bark styles, Elvis creates intricate, graphic patterns using sacred, coloured sand collected from a secret site near the mangroves at Bartalumba Outstation. 

“The sand, no one used the sand a long time ago. It’s a new one. A new idea just came up. I use the glue and the sand. Idea just come to my head, into my brain. The sand is my songline from Bartalumba (Bay Outstation). Stephanie (my wife), when she look the bird, I shaped the bird and she saw the wings and thought the sand should be the feathers.” ~ Elvis Bara

    • Manganese, medium, earth pigments and fixative on stringybark wood
    • Dimensions: 132.5 x 7 cm
    • Cat No. EB04-0026

Elvis Bara, a respected senior artist, assumes multiple roles as an Arts and Cultural Officer, songman, and singer. Growing up in Umbakumba, Elvis now resides between Milyakburra (Bickerton Island) and Bartulumba Outstation. Elvis' artistic practice encompasses painting, carving and printmaking. As a senior male artist, Elvis holds great significance in leading ceremonies across the Groote archipelago and Numbulwar on the mainland. Elvis's artworks beautifully depict his Bara songlines and totems, with the stories of the dugong and West Wind holding a special place in his heart. As an Arts and Cultural officer with Anindilyakwa Arts, Elvis dedicates himself to the important task of teaching these crafts to others, particularly the younger men. Elvis and his partner Stephanie Durilla, an accomplished senior artist is her own right, often collaborate creatively on artworks, pioneering new styles. Most recently they have developed a unique form of sand painting. Using a manganese base, reminiscent of traditional Groote Eylandt barks, Elvis and Stephanie create intricate, graphic patterns using coloured sand collected from a special site near the mangroves at Bartalumba Outstation.

Anindilyakwa Arts is a thriving hub of creativity located on the Groote Eylandt Archipelago in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory. Warnumamalya artists are engaged across the Archipelago, with art centres in Umbakumba, Angurugu and Milyukbura. Diverse art programs focus on traditional and contemporary art practices, as well as, community engagement programs. Artists practices span across weaving, fibre art, carving, printmaking, fashion design and painting. Anindilyakwa Arts is part of the Anindilyakwa Land Council and is as an integral part of the Preserving Culture Department, supporting the economic, cultural and social outcomes of the Warnumamalya people.

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