• Bininj Binihwokdi 'Two people were talking [to each other]"
  • Bininj Binihwokdi 'Two people were talking [to each other]"
  • Bininj Binihwokdi 'Two people were talking [to each other]"
  • Bininj Binihwokdi 'Two people were talking [to each other]"
  • Bininj Binihwokdi 'Two people were talking [to each other]"

Graham Rostron

Bininj Binihwokdi 'Two people were talking [to each other]"

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This series of prints depict the first beings who lived in Arnhem Land talking and interacting amongst themselves. 

"Long time ago this mob were walking about, sleeping in caves at night, eating sugar-bag and yams. Their ahir and smell was different to us bininj (people), but that kunwok (language) was the same." Graham Rostron 2022

  • Inkjet print on paper (fine art cotton rag)
  • Size: A3
  • Cat No 2024-22

See more of Graham Rostron illustrations in Bininj Kunwoka phrasebook based on the work of the Bininj Kunwok Regional Language Centre. 

Graham Rostron (b. 1980) is a cultural teacher, artist, dancer, musician and song man. His Skin name is Balang, his Clan is Barabba and his Dreaming is Yawkyawk (Freshwater Mermaid). 

Graham has exhibited across Australia, including the 2022 and 2015 Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, at the Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory in Darwin. His work is held in the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation Collection in Jabiru.

"My Father died when I was just crawling. I did not know him. Then we were living at Madjinbardi. Then we went to Maningrida to be with family, following my mother.
My second dad brought me up at his outstation at Korlorbirrahda. His name is Tom Noytuna- you may have seen a photograph of him on an orange phone with lots of ceremonial paint on his face. Korlorbirrahda is a long way out into the Great Arnhem Plateau. He was keeping me when I was little and he showed me hunting and painting and explaining to me everything. He gave me confidence."

Graham Rostron is an artist working with Marawuddi Art and Culture, a vibrant art centre and gallery, owned and governed by the Mirarr Traditional Owners. Engaging over 500 artists from in and around Kakadu, Marrawuddi Arts & Culture showcases the culture of the Kakadu and West Arnhem region. The art centre supports artists across different disciplines such as painting, screen-printing, weaving, photography and sculpture.

Marrawuddi is the Kundjeyhmi word for White Belly Sea-Eagle, a bird commonly found around Kakadu and West Arnhem Land. Marrawuddi Arts & Culture are member of the Indigenous Art Code and ANKA (Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists), the peak advocacy and support body for Aboriginal artists and Art Centres across Northern Australia.


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