• Djomi (130cm)
  • Djomi (130cm)
  • Djomi (130cm)
  • Djomi (130cm)

Joy Garlbin

Djomi (130cm)

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Hand carved and hand painted, this Djomi is by Joy Garlbin who is working with Maningrida Art and Culture. 

  • Artist:  Joy Garlbin
  • Acryclic on Wood
  • 130cm
  • Cat No 660-22

The Djomi figure is a mermaid like spirit with fish tail that lives in the fresh water stream that flows out to the sea cliff near Maningrida. Djomi is a known to be a very powerful fertility symbol.

Joy Garlbin is a Kunibidji and Kuninjku artist whose work prodominately features the Djomi djang site. She started to make mimih spirit figures under the apprenticeship of Crusoe Kurddal in the 2000s.  Exhibiting since 2004, her work is also held in the Queensland Gallery of Art. She is a Traditional Owner of the Maningrida township and been highly politically active in protecting her country.

Maningrida Arts & Culture is based on Kunibídji country in Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory. The area where artists live encompasses 7,000 square kilometres of land and sea, and over 100 clan estates, where people speak more than 12 distinct languages. Aboriginal people in this region are still on country, surviving and resilient because their country is the centre of their epistemology, their belief system, culture – djang.

Artists’ works from the larger Maningrida region can be seen in collections and institutions around the world. We work with museums, contemporary galleries and high-end retailers both nationally and internationally on projects throughout the year.

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