• Inma-ku Walka (Body Design)
  • Inma-ku Walka (Body Design)
  • Inma-ku Walka (Body Design)
  • Inma-ku Walka (Body Design)

Kaltjiti Collaborative

Inma-ku Walka (Body Design)

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  • Ink on Hahnemuhle Paper
  • 59.4cm x 84.1cm 

 This etching is based on the imagery used for body painting during traditional lnma (traditional ceremonial dance). It is one of a series of six prints produced as part of the Country and Culture Series. For the component representing Culture, six women artists chose body design. These designs are painted across the chest and breasts for Inma

The colour palette used is the traditional yellow and red ochres – body painting enhances the appearance of the participant and identifies the particular ceremony. Dance language and song are integral to the life of traditional Aboriginal people. lnma is carried out for increase ceremonies – to ensure a relationship is secured or the continuation of a plentiful supply of food.

A collaborative project with several artists from  Kaltjiti Arts and Crafts. 

Kaltjiti Arts and Crafts is a community based, Aboriginal art centre in the remote community of Fregon in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of South Australia.  The heart of the small community is the art centre which is a place of inspiration, dynamism and a cultural focal point.

Through their artworks, elders and senior artists teach younger generations about important cultural traditions and stories, passing on knowledge that has come to them from their ancestors.

Katjiti Arts is known as an art centre with diversity of aesthetic and a depth of talent. Senior male artists Witjiti George and Taylor Copper are joined by senior women,  Manitjanu Lennon, Imitjala Curley, Matjangka Norris and Kathy Maringka, all exploring Tjukurpa of the region. Senior artists enjoy the opportunity of working together on collaborative major works, which are also used to teach younger generations skills in painting technique and story telling. It is this commitment to Tjukurpa and traditional painting technique which has allowed Kaltjiti Arts to establish a reputation as being an art centres of that creates artworks of the highest quality, which are also rich in cultural integrity.

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