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  • 10. Minbala main abija
  • 10. Minbala main abija
  • 10. Minbala main abija

Karen Rogers

10. Minbala main abija

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 “I used to have this [emotion] all locked up in me about my granddad because I missed out on his funeral and it was really sad. I was really close with him… Then I said, no, why don't I just write a story about memories about my granddad? It'd be good to teach my grandkids. I started writing up that story up and then started drawing pictures. I think it took us nearly little one year… Then I came back and started drawing pictures, copies at first, and then I was using watercolour. They didn't like it much with the watercolour. So I decided to use acrylic on canvas." ~ KAREN ROGERS


  • Acrylic paint on canvas, stretched and framed 
  • 26cm x 26cm (artwork only)
  • Cat No: 26-23

My name is Karen Rogers and I’m from Ngukurr Community (in the Roper Gulf region of the Northern Territory) . My tribe is Ngalakgan and I speak Kriol at home. I’ve lived in Ngukurr almost all my life. I am an artist and printer at Ngukurr Arts. My grandmother and her sisters were artists, and they inspired me to become an artist too.

“Ai leigi trai difrendifren atwek laik glas wek en dijitul disain. Main feibrit im dat lainoprint, febrik print en peinting. Ai bin dum pitja buk gada Kriol en Inggilish, im kol Main Abija. Im stori bla main memris gada main abija.”

“I like to challenge myself with all kinds of different art styles, like glasswork and digital design. My favourite styles are painting, lino printing and screen printing. I have written a picture book in Kriol and English called Main Abija, which is a story about my memories of my grandfather.” ~ Karen Rogers 


Ngukurr Art Centre sits a stone’s throw from the banks of the Roper River in Ngukurr, South East Arnhem Land. The Art Centre, like the town of Ngukurr, is unique – bringing together people of many different clans and language groups including Ngalakgan, Alawa, Mangarrayi, Ngandi, Marra, Warndarrang, Nunggubuyu, Ritharrngu-Wägilak and Rembarrnga. Together these clans are known as Yugul Mangi.

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