• Yir (Dilly Bag)
  • Yir (Dilly Bag)
  • Yir (Dilly Bag)
  • Yir (Dilly Bag)

Lilian Joshua

Yir (Dilly Bag)

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Nunggayinbala people have used dilly bags for thousands of years for practical and ceremonial purposes, but not until recently were they made from repurposed ghost nets and shade cloth fabric. Dilly bags, or “yir” in Nunggubuyu language, were traditionally made from pandanus or bark, and painted using different shades of ochre. The artists have now taken tradition to the next level by replicating the forms using found, contemporary materials that speak to the environmental deterioration of their homelands. These fashion-forward yir fit as naturally in traditional applications as they do in contemporary, urban environments. Equally, hang them on a wall or fill them with your groceries, beach towel or daily necessities as you head out the door.


  • Cat No. 113-21
  • Dimesions: 43cm x 55cm (100cm including handle)


Born in 1967, Lilian Joshua lives at Numbulwar in the Northern Territory. She qualified with a Certificate 2 in Art and Craft at Batchelor College.

Built on self-determination, Numbulwar Numburindi Arts (NNA) is a ollective of artists whose mission is to keep culture strong. 

Established in 2019, Numbulwar’s first art centre is 100 per cent owned and controlled by the community. Born from the community’s desire to practice and engage with traditional culture, NNA is a space for artistic and cultural expression.

Champions of fibre art, NNA artists marry naturally-dyed and locally-harvested pandanus with bright and bold ghost nets, abandoned fishing line retrieved from Numbulwar’s shoreline. Our Wulbung (baskets) and Yir (dillybags) fit as naturally in traditional applications as they do in contemporary, urban environments.

Numbulwar sits on the Rose River and belongs to the Nunggayinbala clan, one of the Wubuy or Nunggubuyu speaking clans from the region. Ceremonial activities are still very important within the region and occur regularly.

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