• Bush Potato Dreaming- Yarla Jakurrpa 03
  • Bush Potato Dreaming- Yarla Jakurrpa 03
  • Bush Potato Dreaming- Yarla Jakurrpa 03
  • Bush Potato Dreaming- Yarla Jakurrpa 03
  • Bush Potato Dreaming- Yarla Jakurrpa 03

Ursula Marks

Bush Potato Dreaming- Yarla Jakurrpa 03

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  • Size: 1500mm x 1200mm, stretched
  • Acrylic on Canvas 
  • Cat No: 88-21

Bush Potato Dreaming - Yarla Jakurrpa 03 is part of a larger body of paintings on canvas by Warlpiri artist Ursula Napangardi Marks, exhibited at Laundry Gallery in collaboration with Warnayaka Art Centre in Lajumanu. 

Napangardi's bold use of colour depicts information about creation times, knowledge of natural resources and Warlpiri law. The specific stories were handed down to her from her grandparents, the intergenerational passing of knowledge granting her custodianship of their sacred family wisdom. 

“Yarla. Bush Potato. My fathers side dreaming. I went to that country. It’s a place 200km from Lajamanu. I was taught by the old people.

It’s when the cold weather comes, in June and July. The flowers are light purple. That’s when we know. I see the leaves. Long leaves, skinny ones. And then I pull, pull, pull it. And the root, that’s the bush potato. Purple or orange or reddy colour. 

We eat them. Put on the fire for half an hour. Wait, until the smells come out and then we know is cooked.” ~ Ursula Marks


Ursula Napangardi is a younger artist following in the traditions of the Warlpiri people, who now live in small towns in the Tanami Desert. Napangardi’s art can be complex or very simple. Her art depicts Jukurrpa (Dreaming stories, containing information about the creation of the landscape, knowledge of resources and Warlpiri law) or an aspect of Jukurrpa. Her works can be full of colour, or consist of bold confident lines. Her subjects were handed down to her from her grandparents and she is now a custodian of them. She is a lady who has been in the most important ceremonies for Warlpiri women, including her sons' and nephews' ceremonies. Her art is informed not only by her personal cultural history, but also by working for the last 10 years with Warnayaka Artists such as Lily Nungarrayi Hargraves, Kitty Napanangka Simon and Rosie & Molly Napurrurla Tasman.

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